Neptune Club Reopening

Neptune Club Reopening

Neptune Club Reopening

We are delighted to welcome you back.
It has been way too long!
Based on Rowing Ireland guidance on getting back to water safely we put together some instructions to all our members to adhere from the 26th of April, when our club officially reopens.

DOs & Don’ts

DO travel to the club

If you’re based in Co Dublin or in a different county but within 20km to the club you’re now allowed back to the water.
Under 18 athletes are allowed crew rowing and can only be at the club with their coaches present. Adults are restricted to single sculling or double sculling provided they are the from same household only.
Unfortunately, leisure rowing on the blue boats is not possible, at the moment.

DO make sure you’re booked in

Make sure you are booked in in advance of attending your session – weather in private or club boats. This is how we contact trace in case of an outbreak.
Juniors will be booked

DON’T access the changing rooms

Arrive to the club in your rowing gear, leave your belongings either in your car or on the designated distanced marks for bags.
You can still access the toilets, but only one person at the time, no queues and make sure to wipe handles and wash your hands.

DO wear a mask

Wear your mask at all times, until you’re in your boat seat and ready to launch. When returning to the club, make sure you have your mask on before getting off the boat.

DO sanitise and clean

Sanitise your hands when entering the boat house.
Wash your boat with soap and water. Rinse it thoroughly. Same for the set of ours you are using. Be careful carrying the equipment into the boat house and racks.

DO help

Offer to help if you see that someone needs help getting the boat out/in to the slip, in/out of the boat house, but make sure you’re wearing your mask when helping and keep a safe distance.

DO ask for help

If you are unsure on how to comply with the rules, ask your coach or a member of our committee for advice. We will guide you on how to be safe.

DON’T hang around

Don’t hang out after your session. We understand you miss your crew and the social interaction; however, the risk of an outbreak could potentially close the club premises to all members. So be mindful.
If you are a parent waiting for your child to finish their session, make sure to keep distance and wear a mask all the times. Maybe go for a social distanced walk if the weather permits.

DON’T access the gym and other areas of the club

The boathouse is only open for you to access the equipment, all other areas of the club are still closed and out of reach. The boat house has a new alarm system, and for access talk to your coach or one of the committee members to get the access code.

DON’T carpool

Carpooling with other household is not advised at this stage of the country reopening.

DO get your nutrition and hydration

We are all aware how important to recharge the nutrients after your session. If you decide to eat while still in the club, do it so individually, preferably in your car or on your way home. Do not share snacks or bottle of water.

DO get coached

Junior athletes will be coached in pods of 15 – coaches included. The coaches will as usually assist you from the slip and bank, and a quick debrief after the session is allowed within the pods.
Adults can be coached similarly in sculls, however session debrief should be done one-to-one and also briefly.


We all have been through a lot these past months and there is finally a light that says things will be normal soon. That said, enjoy your session, get stronger, get fitter, get better every day. Competitions will soon resume and we will want to be ready and in shape to win our medals.

Looking forward to seeing you all back.


Club Captain – Martin Stevens
Club PRO – Louise Rubin

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